Introducing An Easier Way to Browse Designspiration

Designspiration is getting many much needed upgrades this month! Many of these features have been previously requested by you. As the updates roll out, I wanted to let you know what has already been released and what is on the way.

Now when browsing on Designspiration you’ll notice continuous scrolling that allows you to view more content, faster. To make sure you don’t lose your place in the page, clicking an image will load the image over the grid instead of loading a new page. Another great aspect to this implementation of continuous scrolling is that if you want to share the page with a friend via your browser’s address bar, you can copy the link directly to this page.

When logging in to your profile one of the first things you’ll notice is that the default feed showing is compiled from people who you follow. While this has already existed on the site, utilizing this feed as your home feed will ensure you see content you’re interested in. The key to making this feed great is following people saving great collections of things. You can find those collections here:

Sometimes you need to prevent search engines from listing your page in their search results. Now you can do this! To enable the feature, visit your settings page after logging in.

New features:

• Continuous scrolling (infinite scrolling)
• Inline image viewing
• Hide your profile from search engines
• Deactivate account
• Complete back-end code re-development
• Redesigned bookmarklet tool

Upcoming features:

• Mobile website
• Refreshed design
• Notifications
• Improved search & suggested results

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May 5 2014 Comments

Announcing Open Registration: Create Your Account

Create Your Account on DesignspirationStarting today you can create an account on Designspiration to collect and share design! Here are a couple important details regarding accounts:

  • To maintain quality, uploading images is limited to accounts that have been approved and granted upload privileges.
  • To apply for upload privileges visit your profile settings. Applications are carefully reviewed.
  • Please respect the content rules (no nudity, no self-promotion, no nonsense).

For any assistance or questions, help is always available by emailing Support. That’s it for now, more updates on the way! 


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June 17 2013 Comments

Introducing the Designspiration Job Board

Introducing the Designspiration Job BoardThe Designspiration job board is a great way to find new career opportunities in design, development, and other creative industries. The simple design makes it easy to use and to post jobs. The layout is adaptive across a range of devices, giving you the best experience.

For realtime job updates, follow the Designspiration Jobs twitter account and Jobs RSS feedIf you’re an agency or company and have job openings, get started by posting a job

Thank you for using Designspiration!


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April 16 2013 Comments

Watch Designspiration on your TV

designspiration quick saving demo

You can now turn your TV into a beautiful Designspiration screensaver in a few easy steps thanks to RSS and IFTTT. This is a step by step process for an Apple TV, but it should also work for other TVs.

Directions for Designspiration Popular Screensaver

To set this up quickly, simply turn on your Apple TV and go to Settings > Screensaver, scroll down to Photo Screen Savers > Choose Photos > Flickr. Now Add Flickr Contact and type in “Dspn”. Select the account then go back to the Screensaver menu and choose Shifting Tiles for the view type. Enjoy!

Directions for Custom Screensaver

The following directions are for setting up a custom rss feed as your screensaver. An example would be if you wanted to stream your Designspiration profile to a TV:

Step 1: Create an IFTTT account. IFTTT will retrieve images from the rss feed.

Step 2: Create a Flickr account. Flickr will store the images for you.

Step 3: Create a new album/set in your Flickr account called “Designspiration Screensaver”. Images pulled from the RSS feed will be placed here.

Step 4: Use an IFTTT recipe to pull photos from the rss feed of your choice. The recipe should be “If Feed, then Flickr”. To make it easier for you, the recipe has already been created. Simply copy the recipe and enter your own rss feed url.

Step 5: Turn on your Apple TV and go to Settings > Screensaver, scroll down to Photo Screen Savers > Choose Photos > Flickr. Now Add Flickr Contact and type in “Dspn” or your own account. Select the account then go back to the Screensaver menu and choose “Shifting Tiles” for the view type.

— Shelby

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November 27 2012 Comments

Quickly Save without Adding to a Collection

designspiration quick saving demo

Quick Saving has been added as a way to save without having to add to a collection first. To utilize this feature, simply hover over the blue save button and a drop down will appear that gives you a second option to Quick Save.

Toggling Quick Saving On / Off

By default quick saving is off. To turn it on, sign in and visit your settings page. When on, clicking the blue save button will save without asking you to add to a collection and a secondary option to “Save to Collection” will show in the drop down menu. Turning it off will swap those two options.

designspiration quick saving

Regardless of which option you select, the secondary option will always appear when hovering the save button. It’s your preference.

— Shelby

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August 23 2012 Comments

Introducing Collections: A new way to organize

Designspiration Collections
As Designspiration has grown over the last year, it became really clear just how helpful it would be if you could organize great design you find. Well now you can. Starting right now you can create both public and private collections and invite other users to collaborate on them with you.

Collaborative Collections

Create collaborative collections by clicking “Add” at the top of the screen after signing in. Collaborators can be removed by editing the collection.

Private Collections

If you’re working on a personal project, sometimes it’s nice to keep it under wraps. Private Collections will allow you to do this. Even though private collections are viewable to only you or contributors you’ve invited, the same content rules still apply: no nudity, no nonsense. 

Designspiration Create Collection

Follow Specific Collections

With collections comes a new way to follow users and discover new inspiration. You now have the ability to follow a user and all of their collections or choose individual collections to follow, allowing you to control your feed.

Arrange Your Collections

To arrange your collections, click “Arrange” from your profile, then drag to rearrange them. When you’re done, click “Save”.

There are a handful more of updates to be announced so stay tuned. One of which will be a way to organize your old saves.

I hope you enjoy using collections and I look forward to hearing your feedback.
— Shelby

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August 22 2012 Comments

Designspiration Holiday Invite Giveaway


Image by Andy Gilmore

The gift of giving is contagious and there is no better day to share a handful of Designspiration invites than today on Christmas.

To enter, leave a comment below. Names will be chosen at noon on December 27th. Remember you can still apply for an invite here.

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December 25 2011 Comments

Searching is easy: Just start typing!


Searching should be easy, so why not make it? Designspiration’s most beloved feature is its search functionality. Try it out by navigating to any collections page and pressing keys on the keyboard. No need to click in a box or on a search link, just type. It’s as easy as that.

Try it out!

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December 25 2011 Comments

What is Designspiration?


Designspiration is a quality-focused inspiration resource. Collect, search and share what inspires you as well as see what inspires the work of your favorite creatives.

Finding inspiration should be fun and Designspiration makes it so. Begin typing at any time to search, it’s as easy as that. Searching by a single color or multiple colors is also another way to discover.

To get started, request an invite.

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December 11 2011 Comments