Introducing Collections: A new way to organize

Designspiration Collections
As Designspiration has grown over the last year, it became really clear just how helpful it would be if you could organize great design you find. Well now you can. Starting right now you can create both public and private collections and invite other users to collaborate on them with you.

Collaborative Collections

Create collaborative collections by clicking “Add” at the top of the screen after signing in. Collaborators can be removed by editing the collection.

Private Collections

If you’re working on a personal project, sometimes it’s nice to keep it under wraps. Private Collections will allow you to do this. Even though private collections are viewable to only you or contributors you’ve invited, the same content rules still apply: no nudity, no nonsense. 

Designspiration Create Collection

Follow Specific Collections

With collections comes a new way to follow users and discover new inspiration. You now have the ability to follow a user and all of their collections or choose individual collections to follow, allowing you to control your feed.

Arrange Your Collections

To arrange your collections, click “Arrange” from your profile, then drag to rearrange them. When you’re done, click “Save”.

There are a handful more of updates to be announced so stay tuned. One of which will be a way to organize your old saves.

I hope you enjoy using collections and I look forward to hearing your feedback.
— Shelby

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